Animal Jam – earn and save gems

If you have been looking for a real chore then Animal Jam is your go-to destination. Gems are the most important thing since you can buy anything in the game using these gems. But they are not easy to earn. However here are a few suggestions by which you can save a lot of gems while playing this game. Some of these involve how to earn these gems while others are related to saving of the gems. So, make sure you keep these factors in mind.


Tips to earn gems

  • Mini-games are the best way to earn gems. But sometimes playing these mini-games can be boring when you get stuck on a particular level. You can talk to a friend or play some music in the background if you want to keep your mind refreshed while playing these mini-games.
  • Adventures are another great way to earn gems. You can find gems throughout your way, just follow through the map. Once you have done that you will be completing the quest and you can even win gems as a prize when you complete the quest.
  • You can exchange your diamonds for as many as 15, 000 gems. So, make the most of this. The diamond exchange shop is situated just beside the mannequins.
  • You can host a gem shop and then go ahead and get numerous gems in exchange for diamonds and other items.


Tips to save up on gems


If you have been looking forward to saving up some gems that you have gained then here are a couple of ways to do so.


  • You can save gold bricks if you are unable to save gems. In the first shot, gold bricks appear to be useless but then you can exchange them for 3000 gems. So if you think that you are going to use up all your gems then the best thing to do is invest in gold bars.
  • One of the best ways to save your gems is to plan your budget. Make sure that you decide beforehand on the items that you should be investing your money in. this will definitely help you to save some good amount of money.


Thus, if you have been struggling with earning and saving gems in Animal jam then now you know the different ways in which you can do this. So, make sure you make the most of these.

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