IMVU Launches All-New Live Chatrooms To Host Weddings, Pageants, Events, Parties, And More!

IMVU, one of the most famous virtual role-playing games, has launched a new live-chatrooms feature where you can easily choose your avatar and participate in social gatherings online. With the introduction of this new and exciting feature, all the players can now host parties, weddings, lectures, and more fun events to spend quality time with the other players.

The California-based virtual gaming platform, IMVU, was founded in 2004 and it gained instant popularity among the teenagers who loved to decorate their rooms and hold exotic parties with other players online. The game had many noticeable similarities with the PC game “Second Life”. Both the games have continued to rise in popularity with over 200 million users currently registered out of which 6 million users could be considered “Active” per month.

With the amazing features that IMVU already had in both its mobile and desktop versions, it has now increased its features by introducing live chatrooms. With the help of this feature, users can now engage a large audience in one place!

The company has further claimed that users can interact with an audience of about a thousand people at the same time and present their ideas with their friends in the live chatrooms! The audience also has various options to show their response such as by chatting and tipping the host. With this, the company is now focusing on large-scale interactions as well.

With the launch of this amazing feature, the users now have an option to step a way forward. By using this feature, they can host parties and events with a maximum of 10 presenters and thousands of audiences at once.

IMVU has launched the feature of live chatrooms keeping in mind that it will enable like-minded people to gather and be engaged and entertained together. Intending to develop communities and making people feel like they are at huge live shows, IMVU has achieved a new milestone in the virtual public space.

If the hosts want, they can easily decorate and present their 3D space using different items that could be purchased at the IMVU marketplace at affordable prices.

Just like the events that happen in real life, IMVU live-chatrooms also enable communication at different levels like talking to your friends and people nearby. The audience also has different ways to encourage the creators by tipping and interacting with them, they can easily roam around the entire space and give their feedback.

Ever since its launch in December on mobile devices, the live chatrooms feature has been accessed by almost 8 million people. The event where the live rooms were inaugurated reached its peak of a thousand users when the famous YouTuber Carmen King joined the event which was a talk show about IMVU’s friendships.

“The VU Live” was a live chatroom launched by Carmen King to create better connections. On IMVU, there are 40 million and more virtual goods and 50,000 creators.
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