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Gardenscapes is a free to play online puzzle game with over 7.5 million registered players and more than 90 million downloads. Gardenscapes every day. Facebook has named it as a game of the years in 2016.

How To Play

You can play Gardenscapes via browser, Facebook app, iOS, or Android.
The game is about swaping two adjacent elements to make a row or column of at least three similar elements. Each time you make a row or column, you earn points and move ahead in the game.

In each level you need accomplish its mission,such as collecting elements and place them in the games’s garden.
Gardenscapes consists of various chapters. As you progress in the game things will start becoming challenging and might have to spend more time thinking about the solution. Being fast and focus will help you to cross the level more easily.

Key Features

1. Easy, Simple and Accessible – easily download the game on any smartphone device or desktop and start playing.
2. Community – the game has a wide community, you can always see your current rank compare to other players.
3. Star – collect them when crossing the levels and obtain the garden gnomes. Those stars contain the special powers that you must achieve to unlock the next level.
4. Graphics – simple and elegant graphics makes the game more fun and enjoyable.
5. Like Never Ending – the game has so many levels to challenge your skills that you can sounds weeks playing it.


Gardenscapes is a must for every puzzle games lovers. Puzzle experts and highly go used and quick players will have some advantage over other players. Very popular game on the social media platforms and as mobile game.

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