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Ever imagined how good life would be with a farm of your own in lush green fields? Think of a life away from the regular hustle bustle of cities, with the clear blue sky above and lofty hills in the backdrop. Well, now you have have the chance to live it! My Free Farm, the latest farm game from upjers, gives you the opportunity to build your own virtual farm in idyllic landscapes that are designed to take your breath away.

Develop the ideal farm by buying livestock. Live a farmer’s life among mooing cows, buzzing bees, chicken, sheep and goats, adorable puppies, and guard dogs to protect them from wild animals. You can buy more as your farm grows bigger. Just a few taps, and you have a bigger family. Want more? Buy rabbits hopping and spreading joy throughout your farm.

Experience the joy of feeding your animals at regular intervals. Learn inventory management as you check on your fodder stock for your sheep and cows and replenish it diligently. Watch yourself become more responsible through the tasks in the virtual game.

Choose from over 32 different fruits and vegetables and plant them in your fields. Water them regularly to ensure quick growth. Upgrade them to grow faster and get higher yield. Accelerate the growth of your crops with bonus-recipes to get quick yield. Barter them for high-quality seeds which will, in turn, promise a good next yield.

Put your livestock to use by obtaining wool, honey, eggs and dairy product. Get milk, make organic cheese and yoghurt, and them off to farmies. Or trade them in exchange for valuable items. Process them to turn them into mayonnaise, cheese, wool balls, and earn a handsome amount by supplying to customers.

That’s not all. You will sure want to make your virtual home a better place. Well, My Free Farm has it covered for you. Place windmills to give your farm the perfect farm look. Upgrade fencing, or purchase wonderful items to decorate your farm with.

You are not alone out there. Join one of the numerous vibrant communities or develop your own thriving group as you invite your friends and family to join you in this quest for building a farm that you have always dreamt of. Complete exciting quest and challenges to earn potato dollars and experience points that help you quickly ascend levels. Pursue new quests to unlock tiers and reach the ultimate level ‘Cesare di Cereale’.

Plan ahead in this fun-filled farm game to keep your farm growing consistently. It’s a game designed to develop your management skills and to keep you thoroughly engaged at all times. Amazing graphics promise a great game-playing experience.


Oh, well, did we tell already that you can live this perfect virtual life for free?

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