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Create your own 19th century empire with amazing production sites and shops, make it big and prosperous. Master in a different hidden object game challenges and put your strategic mind to the test. Uptasia provides an amazing combination of tycoon and hidden object game, where player finds items and differences in detailed pictures. The level of game is increasing as the games progress so every player can find the challenges at some point. Uptasia is a browser game, very easy to launch so you can start playing in a matter of a few clicks.

How To Play

Inside the villa in game, you need to solve hidden object games with a timer running. You’ve got exactly 75 seconds to complete the puzzle and to move on. You just need to find a variety of objects hidden inside an image, click on them as fast as you can to save time and improve success chances. Every mistake counts against you – be fast and accurate.

Key Features

1. Fun and Simple – the idea of hidden object games is so nice and addictive, just point and click!
2. Create it – build and create your empire during the game. You can visit factories and bakeries, shops, and much more. You can upgrade your facilities with resources (wood, stone, etc)
3. Browser based – you can play whenever you want sicne its so easy to access via web browser. No download is required


If you are on the hunt for a nice addicting browser game, more of easy to play casual game then Uptasia is for you. It offers something different so you better give it a shot.

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