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star stable star coins fun virtual games Star Stable: Star Coins - Play Now Star Stable is an online PC game developed by “Star Stable Entertainment AB.” This game includes many adventures and a lot of excitement. The game has earned praises for its gameplay and amazing features, including the Star Coins. It uses a form of currency in a town named ‘Jorvik’ within the game, which […]
create star stable account How to create a star stable account - Play Now Star stable is an online paid horse riding game on an adventurous island, which has a lot of mysteries dwelling inside it. In this game, you can make new friends or play with the existing ones. The most exciting part of this game is that it has varied usual and unusual names which […]
animal jam fun virtual games codes for 2020 Animal jam codes for 2020 - Play Now The award-winning Animal Jam game for kids is famous for providing a fun and learning environment for its players. This online game imbibes the facts and knowledge about zoology using an interactive interface that includes puzzles, adventures, and mini-games. One of the critical features of this game is earning gems and rewards, which […]
stardoll - dress up - game for girls Stardoll - Play Now Create your own virtual doll, customize the look, clothing, hair, styling and show it to the world! Stardoll is a virtual paper, fashion, doll game. It gains popularity among and teenagers and girls worldwide. In Stardoll you can build an immense wardrobe, choose decoration for your home and select the perfect clothing for […]
sansar - virtual world - second life Sansar - Play Now Sansar is a free-to-play, open universe virtual world where players unite together to build, create and share original fantastic custom worlds full of beauty, creativity and entertainment. The company behinds Second Life brings us Sansar with lots of common features which many of you love so much. In Sansar players can customize wildest […]
animal jam - fun virtual worlds Animal Jam - Play Now Animal Jam is an online virtual world with about 160 million players which seems to be one of the fastest-growing online kid’s properties in the world. Animal Jam is a beautiful kids MMO game where playess create and customize their own animal avatars and “dens” which are the animals’s houses. During try game […]
howrse - horse breeding online game - Howrse - Play Now Howrse is a highly popular horse breeding game when you can raise and breed horses and ponies online. Howrse has acquired more than 55 million players around the world and received immense success on both the English and German versions. How To Play 1. First Step – Before you start your adventure, create your […]
Virtual Worlds Game - mmostage IMVU - Play Now לא IMVU is considered as the worlds largest avatar-based social network game where people live in a virtual world, group together to meet new friends and get socialized. The options and opportunities in IMVU are enormous as players get involved in million different ways. After a short quick registration, user choose their own […]