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My Free Zoo is a popular browser-based Tycoon Management game where players act as the owner of a failing zoo and must expand it so that it can become one of the most biggest attractive zoo’s in the world. Players have full control over the park. You will build buildings and cages for animals. Restaurants and booths for the visitors, all those in orders to attract more and more visitors. Rating of animals are important as they have influence on the amount of visitors that wish to see them. Moreover, each animal has its own typical audience which is another factor in the game.

Players start the game step by step in order to understand the game options and functionality. The first task of the game is to attract 3 visitors at once to the zoo. Very nice and easy way to get yourself going.

My Free Zoo has nice graphics and hundreds of different achievements which help to expend the zoo and can be earned during the game. Generating big profits from admission fees are also critical for the success of your park. The game is free-to-play but there are some cons, for example not all the animals are accessible in the free version. In order to get the rare good looking animals you might have to pay, but this is not hurting the game-play at all.

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