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Create your own virtual doll, customize the look, clothing, hair, styling and show it to the world! Stardoll is a virtual paper, fashion, doll game. It gains popularity among and teenagers and girls worldwide. In Stardoll you can build an immense wardrobe, choose decoration for your home and select the perfect clothing for you private doll.

Stardoll gives you freedom to do as you wish, however progress in the game is not that easy sometimes. Once you create your account you get a room and some basic features to start your game with. Each day you earn another “stardollar”. The money is important to purchase more items for your doll, such as clothes, furniture etc. By default you get 45 “stardollars”. Clothes can be bought at the shopping center called ‘StarPlaza’.

Stardoll features many ways to expose your doll to the world, by going to showcase, fashion shows and styling events. Those will get you more fans and new friends. Be social and engage with other players, share your fashion style and creativity and help others to make their dolls shining and attractive. You can even make others to wear your own created outfits.

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stardoll - dress up - game for girls