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Animal Jam is an online virtual world with about 160 million players which seems to be one of the fastest-growing online kid’s properties in the world.

Animal Jam is a beautiful kids MMO game where playess create and customize their own animal avatars and “dens” which are the animals’s houses. During try game players are getting social with others, adopt cute mini pets, attend parties and go on adventures. The brief tutorial explains well how to move your avatar by clicking or keyboard arrows and how to change your animal’s look by switching colors, eyes, etc. From here players can start exploring the lands and different zones of Animal Jam, each zone usually has its own theme.
Among the features players can personalize their animals and the “dens”, join friendly community, explore amazing 3D virtual worlds, play different super-fun games and learn about the worlds of animals and their environments.

Animal Jam is a safe and secure game for kids, certified by the BBB CARU program. In-game chat is also limited and can be restricted by parents even more. As said, parents have an account where they watch and monitor their kid’s playtime and interactions. This is a feature lacking in many games that promise to be safe but fail to do that.

The game itself is free to play in its basic form, players can get more options, customization and items if they would like to pay for them. But the real value, comes from the content within the game that families can share and discuss while be sure that everything is educational or monitored to prevent from exposing to unwanted content.

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