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Howrse is a highly popular horse breeding game when you can raise and breed horses and ponies online. Howrse has acquired more than 55 million players around the world and received immense success on both the English and German versions.

How To Play

1. First Step – Before you start your adventure, create your account by signing up on the website. Then the fun part begins when you choose your horse and its style. You will meet Emma, an online Howrse guide who will help you know the game better and faster. Then all you need is to put the saddle on and start riding and breeding your beautiful horse.
2. Train and Breed Your Horse – Each one of your horses has its own skills and potential, such as jumping, running, etc. You can expect good results in competitions that match your horse’s skills. In order to improve your horse skills, always go for a riding since its obviously what horse needs and the way to hone your horse’s skills. Such activities requires a lot of energy so don’t forget to groom and feed them well. Your horse must be healthy, good breeding habit is the main point to remember.
3. Earn The Points – For purchasing items for your horse you can participate in competitions to earn points. Each activity with its own potential earning points.

Key Features

1. Free To Play – Create an account for free and start your adventure as successful horse breeder.
2. Multi-platform – The game is can be played across all kinds of devices and browsers.
3. Train Your horse – You have to work hard for wining competitions. Winner horses ensure huge profits and you can sell them afterwards.
4. Raise and Breed – Take care of the pet. Make sure that the grown-up horses are strong and healthy, grow them to fame.
5. Customization – Take advantage of thousands of possibilities for customization, so you can design your horses as much as your fantasy allows. Some horses are so unique and strange and much cooler then ‘regular’ horse.


Howrse has a great concept and lead its category for some time, reaching millions of online players and easily won our hearts. If you are a horse lover then you are going to fall in love with this fantastic game. Will you become a successful horse breeder?

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