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IMVU is considered as the worlds largest avatar-based social network game where people live in a virtual world, group together to meet new friends and get socialized. The options and opportunities in IMVU are enormous as players get involved in million different ways. After a short quick registration, user choose their own 3D avatar, customize it and ready to meet new “people”,chat with them or play together. IMVU is incredibly popular and  managed to pass the four million active users milestone since its launch. The game also offers impressive virtual good items catalog, with more than 30 million items.

IMVU ecosystem is a virtual currency system based on credits –  “IMVU Credits”. You can find also another type of credits called “Promo Credits”. Users are able to create their own currency/credits. Using those credits player can pay for consuming and engaging with new content and top bring more original content to the world. You can earn this token when the another user purchases the item with promo credits.
Creating content is a way to earn money and express your creativity, while most typical players tend to spend money as the game evolves.

How To Play

The game is a virtual world playground with pre-design places where you can start hanging out as the game begins for you. Chatting and interacting with players is just in a matter of a click.

Upon registration to the platform, the first task is creating your own avatar. This avatar will be your new face in the virtual world – make sure you like it. You can play various available options to make your character look appealing.

The next step is to select your beginning meeting place for entering into the game’s landscape. Then you will be joining other people and get socialized. There are thousands of meeting places available that you can choose and participate.
You can see how many players are available at the moment in a particular landscape. You can also enter multiple landscapes simultaneously.

Invite other players in the room/landscape for a quick nice chat by clicking on their avatar picture and send them message.

The game’s main idea is to roam around in different places, have fun and meeting friends and even making some nice money by selling your own created content.

Key Features

1. Popular – One of the most popular virtual worlds games, meet millions of other players at the same playround.
2. Real-time – Simple and happens in real-time.
3. Graphics – Make the game enjoyable, attractive and appealing. Player should be happy to make new original content that will also look great.
4. Earn Virtual Money  – By selling your created items and use the money/credits earned for different purposes as you wish.


The IMVU virtual world demonstrate amazing features, plenty of options and attractive content creation model. All those make the users spend more and more time in the game, explore new ideas while meeting new people. It is great to have people all over the world associating with each other, build relationships and having fun. It’s your time to dive into IMVU world!

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