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Turn your passion for the horses into an adventure. Star Stable, The world of farm horses with hidden adventures,  is a game made to give the player amazing experience of the virtual world. Join the game and get your own farmhouse where beautiful horses are waiting for you. Take care of multiple horses, participate in the quests, compete in races, reach the world of Jorvik, make new friends, chat with other players and many more fun activities are available in the game.

How To Play

Register online – You have to register yourself to obtain the character name for the game. The registration is free and gives you instant access to the game.
Choose a character – In the first step, you have to choose a character for the gameplay. Various types of characters are provided in the game. Choose one of them and start building your character using the features such as hairstyle, clothes, accessories etc.
Choose the horse – The game circle around the different types of horse. Each horse breed will have a special characteristic which makes the horse more powerful than others. You can purchase multiple horses during the game using your earned money. The earned rewards will help you to upgrade the feature of the horse and overall character to make it more powerful to win the race.
Participate in the activities – There are many activities available in the game that makes you earn good rewards. Participate in the horse race and win the race to earn the rewards, solve the quest and get paid for it. You have to cross the level by participating in these activities and making continues progress to gain more authority in the game.
Unlock Dino, Epona, Golden hills Valley – As you progress in the game, you will be given the next challenge that you have to win and cross the level. Reach the level 13 and unlock the Dino. Each level has hidden secrets and exciting challenges. Dino, Epona, and Goldenhills are one of the top levels where you will find the numerous hurdles and beautiful sceneries that you might have never seen before.

Key Features

1) Star Stable is simple to play and anyone at any age can join the game and start playing it instantly without needing to read the gameplay.
2) Different character building options make the character building truly astonishing.
3) Use earned rewards to upgrade your character as well as the horse or purchase the new breed for the gameplay. Each obstacle will demand the different kinds of horse quality to win the race. Having multiple horses will support you to win the race and become a pro user in the game and enable you to win the game quickly.


Star Stable is one of the fastest growing game in the world. It is available in over 130 countries and in 14 languages. Once you start the game, it becomes hard to stop playing it. You will be rewarded with the daily reward point for visiting the game and updating your profile every day. Solving quest will allow you to earn various elements which is useful to upgrade your character. Every horse lover should play this game. Register yourself today and start playing it.

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