Wizard 101 – Next Changes

The grand scheme of MMOs, the Pampers, will have to balance the changes if the things get out of line. Sometimes, the game can also change several major types of systems found in the game. This is what is happening in the realm of Wizard101. When you look at the current testing of the new update of Test Realm in summer, you will find the hands-on the major spell changes batch. This will promise you new changes.

The game will have spell changes. Each school will include multiple spells changed. Some of the schools will entirely rework in different versions. For instance, myth wizards shall finally celebrate as they achieve a viable, finally AoE when they play the early levels. You will also come across some changes that have happened in the life school. The two spells will have there up cost changed. Wizard101 has been trying to implement and execute that each school will have a good area of effect. With the new update, you can expect to unlock the respective quests and spells and watch out for them.

The showdown infused hits will be great hits as they will be tuned to be strong for the costs. The Storm wizards will be hit pretty hard, and there will be a major reduction in damage. The life schools and ice schools will have blade removal. The game will introduce more worlds, spells, gear, and memories so that players can have fun.
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