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Star Stable is an online PC game developed by “Star Stable Entertainment AB.” This game includes many adventures and a lot of excitement. The game has earned praises for its gameplay and amazing features, including the Star Coins. It uses a form of currency in a town named ‘Jorvik’ within the game, which is called Star Coins. Many mysteries and quests are also present in this game which keep the audience engaged. The game is surprisingly realistic. In this game, the Star Coins are received depending on the Star Rider subscription. It can be accepted as a weekly allowance every weekend. You can also purchase additional Star Coins from the official website of the game.

Features of the Star Coins:
Star Coins is the primary currency in the city of Jorvik, used in-for buying the essential game items, also upgrading features. It has numerous attractive features. Some of them are –

  • It helps in updating all things from changing the horse name to expanding its stable.
  • You can have as many star coins want in the game but the Jorvik Shillings are capped at 10,000.
  • Most of the in game items can be purchased with star coins only. A few things like horse tacks and clothes for horses can be bought with Jorvik Shillings.

You can also find some “special promotions” on Star Coins in the Star Stable Store. There are always some exciting offers that regularly bring the audience’s mind towards it. One of them is “Double star coins weekend” that you can buy from the packs available on the website. During the double coins weekend you get twice the amount of coins your purchase from their store.
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