Stardoll: The Glam that charms

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Stardoll is one of the most celebrated browser-based games of fashion brought in by the Glorious Games. Stardoll is open to everyone, but their main focus is on teenagers as these people play that glamour-glim game, especially the teenage girls. It provides a platform for teens and young women to bring out their creativity and fashion management skill impeccably. It comprises a virtual community of people who enjoy fashion, fame and socialization. It is available in the form of mobile phone as well as computer applications. The game claims an inspiring, safe, and ingenious environment for all the players.

Features of the Stardoll
Stardoll has been designed and developed with the purpose of self-expression of youth through fashion. It has numerous salient features, which makes it a must on every fashion lover’s list. Some of them are:
It allows one to create or choose a celebrity doll from its collection without any hindrance.
It provides a platform to brush up your creativity and fashion sense. Players use in-game currency to shop for clothing, makeup, and decors from the star plaza.
The game provides free membership and a lot of free features for the players.
The members can earn Starpoints and Starcoins by completing different weekly challenges and competitions.

Stardoll Stylista
Stardoll Stylista is an application launched back in 2016 for Android and iOS users. It allows the users to compose and develop an avatar using its fantastic beauty and fashion preferences and picks. Then the avatar follows a career track to become a world-famous stylist. It also associates you with your other styling friends and players with whom you can play along. There is also a voting system for different looks. This game is free to play but involves in-app purchases.

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